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IRELAND is part of an International community of farmers, agronomists and agriculture professionals who are committed to advancing the knowledge and practice of Conservation
Agriculture.  All members agree to abide by a few simple soil care principles:


  •  Minimal disturbance (non-inversion) of soil to establish crops.


  • Permanent organic soil cover with crop residue and/or living plants.


  • The adoption of diverse rotations and cover cropping.

BASE Ireland serves arable, livestock and mixed farming. For grass based livestock enterprises, our members adopt:

  • Diverse species swards, designed to stimulate soil health and biology and for improving animal health.

  • The use of organic manures to encourage soil biota, and minimise the use of artificial fertilisers.

  • Grazing techniques, such as the short rotation, high stocking density utilisation of heavy sward covers (mob grazing).


The primary objective of the organisation is the development of sustainable, farmer led and profitable farming practice. We aim to empower members in decision making through the committed sharing of techniques, on farm learnings, information and ideas. Members are further encouraged to host farm visits and openly share their experiences.


If you have an interest in joining BASE Ireland, then please feel free to make contact through email at, or via our contact page or via our twitter.

Who Are We?
Base farmer meeting
DIrect drilling
Companion cropping
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